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2021-01-26 Glycerol Assisted Pretreatment of Lignocellulose Wheat Straw Materials as a Promising Approach for Fabrication of Sustainable Fibrous Filler for Biocomposites
2021-01-20 Isolation of Textile Waste Cellulose Nanofibrillated Fibre Reinforced in Polylactic Acid-Chitin Biodegradable Composite for Green Packaging Application
2021-01-12 Hydrothermal Carbon as Reactive Fillers to Produce Sustainable Biocomposites with Aromatic Bio-Based Epoxy Resins
2021-01-11 Micro- and Nanocellulose in Polymer Composite Materials: A Review
2021-01-04 Natural Polymeric Materials: A Solution to Plastic Pollution from the Agro-Food Sector
2020-12-30 Emergency ventilator for COVID-19
2020-11-25 Research of Wood Waste as a Potential Filler for Loose-Fill Building Insulation: Appropriate Selection and Incorporation into Polyurethane Biocomposite Foams
2020-11-25 Valorisation of Posidonia oceanica Sea Balls (Egagropili) as a Potential Source of Reinforcement Agents in Protein-Based Biocomposites
2020-11-09 Effect of freeze?dried durian skin nanofiber on the physical properties of poly(lactic acid) biocomposites
2020-09-26 Optimization of waste quail eggshells as biocomposites for polyaniline in ammonia gas detection
2020-09-15 Optimization of wheat?straw?extracted cellulose via response surface methodology and mechanical properties of its poly(lactide)?based biocomposites
2020-09-04 Biocomposites from Organic Solid Wastes Derived Biochars: A Review
2020-08-07 Effect of the wine wastes on the thermal stability, mechanical properties, and biodegradation's rate of poly(3?hydroxybutyrate)
2020-07-22 Degradation Behavior of Polypropylene During Reprocessing and Its Biocomposites: Thermal and Oxidative Degradation Kinetics
2020-07-14 Bio-Based Packaging: Materials, Modifications, Industrial Applications and Sustainability
2020-07-10 Eco-Conversion of Two Winery Lignocellulosic Wastes into Fillers for Biocomposites: Vine Shoots and Wine Pomaces
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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme for the Clean Sky Joint Technology Initiative under grant agreement No 886416.